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  • Tamara Bella (Chicago) - 02/24/18 15:57
  • I decided to come on the site to see if anyone had posted lately - the last post is from your papa.

    Of course, always thinking about you, loving you, missing you, and still contemplating the power of your intense energy. Shayla and I experienced it first hand on the 13th anniversary. First her scarf lit on fire, then the car crash situation. Time is not how we understand it to be - you reminded me of that on that day. Thank you. Keep having the universe send messages. The reminders are needed!

    Love you.
  • Rufat (San Diego) - 01/27/17 3:10
  • We've got together today (12 years, but who's counting :-)
    ... and I have shared with guests, my unique idea the we all going to die :-). I've also shared my recent breakthrough experience with DMT.
    You were beautiful incarnation and we will not only remember you, but will try to take it step further to see what is out there even before we get there in our own terms regardless what we do or do not do.
    Like you used to say 'Everything matters and nothing matters" , right?.. but off course!
  • Dina Djabieva (Los Angeles) - 11/18/16 13:56
  • I miss you so much Mouradik. I have let go of the idea that time will make this more real somehow one day. I love you today as much as I loved you when you were a phone call away. Your presence is felt everyday, thank you for that. It still hurts to think of the permanence. It's still doesn't feel real. But again your presence is felt loud and clear, maybe that's what makes it hard and tolerable all at the same time.
  • Hafiz Ehmedov (Baku Azerbaijan) - 11/12/16 4:18
  • Hello. Д° am journalist from Azerbaijan. We are proud of Mourad. Rest in Peace Mourad. I look for his family/ I want to interview with his family about Mourad/ He was from Azerbaijan too(((
  • dinara (san diego) - 04/02/16 19:03
  • Мурадик, я надеюсь, что я уже лучше понимаю то, что от тебя "приходит". Я очень стараюсь, ты же видешь. "Все УЖЕ хорошо, а будет еще лучше", пральна? С днем рожденья...!... И Тут и ТАМ... и ВСЕГДА...И, конечно, привет to ТаRa! Он тааак мне помогает! lol p.s. а книжка -то почти готова, представляешь?...ь..ю...
  • Sasha T (Newbury Park, CA) - 01/08/16 3:23
  • Thinking about you again tonight brother. The world's a little worse off without you in it.
  • Fuad Ragimov (Baku) - 07/15/15 14:46
  • Руфат Бей и Динара ханум хочу выразить соболезнования от имени своей семьи. Allah Rehmet elesin! Огромная и невосполнимая потеря вашей семьи! Скорбим и соболезнуем. Yeri Nur ile Dolsun. Фуад, Кама, Нара и Фатя Рагимовы.
  • Michael Wilson (Phoenix) - 02/08/15 10:24
  • I try to keep it out of my mind during January, and always end up falling apart the first week of feb. Love you brother. I'm having a son this June. And in 14 years, he'll be as old as we were when we met.
  • Michael Robin (Beijing) - 01/27/15 8:39
  • Mourad,
    Even though we rarely got to see each other, you were one of my best friends growing up and I always looked up to you like an older brother. The few times each year we were able to hang out are still some of my best memories growing up.
    I cannot believe it has been 10 years since you've passed. So much has happened since then. No matter what has happened in the time since your passing and regardless of how time tries to mend the wounds of it all, some things are just too difficult to shake. Whenever I reflect on the experiences and events I've had in the past few years, it would inevitably lead me to wonder about you and what you would be doing now and what kind of experiences and stories you’d have to share if we ever had a chance to meet up now. It always depresses me, because I know you would have been doing something great and living life to the fullest. It also depresses me when I realize how as a kid I just took our friendship for granted. If the past 10 years has revealed anything to me, it’s that you were truly one of the coolest, kindest and most unique people I have ever known and I was really lucky to have had you as a friend.
    I still love and miss you man.
  • Jeffrey Tidwell (San Diego) - 12/27/14 11:19
  • My wife and I visited Fort Rosecrans cemetery yesterday and saw the headstone for LCPL Ragimov. We wanted to know more about him, so we searched the internet and found this website.

    What a tragedy that he was taken at such a young age. I come from a military family and understand the sacrifices that families like yours make.

    My wife and I wish to say thank you to LCPL Ragimov for his sacrifice and service to this country.
  • Mishelle (Los Angeles) - 07/24/14 2:15
  • I have been thinking about you all day. And it's 11pm. I just finished watching the YouTube video that your parents out together. It's so achingly beautiful... Funny how many of us refered to Little Dinka while she called you her little brother. What gems you both are. Almost a decade..I have a son his name is Sammy. His disposition is similar to how I remember you. He's sweet so sweet beyond, smiling, and very quietly curious and observant. My happy childhood / teenish memories are with your family. US3 always on repeat or that song by Domino....memories have been flowing in all day. Shayla and I both had and I'm assuming still have Yolandi obsession. I nearly got ZEF tattooed on my boob...years ago...pre-baby...
    However you entered my mind and stayed there today, you are welcome anytime. Xo
  • Alexander Tseitlin (Newbury Park, CA) - 05/26/14 14:51
  • Hey brother. It's hard to admit it's taken me over 9 long years to deal with the idea that you're gone. Can still see your face and hear your voice like it was yesterday. Been thinking a lot about you lately, especially today. Thank you for your courage and friendship.
  • Michael Wilson (Surprise, AZ) - 01/30/14 16:11
  • Hey brother, I have been thinking about you more than normal lately. I don't know whats going on, but I had to drop another message once I got back in town. I get the feeling you can some how check in and see whats going on. I lost touch with Chris Noxvile, hopefully he'll see this and we can reminisce once more about the good ol days. I've neglected to post, but you're missed, loved, and your memory will always be cherished. ~ rvolt@aol dot com
  • Rufat Ragimov (San Diego) - 01/26/14 15:52
  • Hey, Mourad!
    Shayla told us her dream few days ago...
    You called her over the “phone” from where you are…
    That was long conversation … amazing dream!!!
    Keep calling Mourad, we’ll be happy to hear and see you any time… while we are here.
  • dinara ragimov (san diego) - 01/26/14 15:09
  • Мурадик, сыночек, мой родной, ты слышишь, как я тебя люблю? Ты слышишь мои молитвы? Господи, помоги всем, Господи,услышь, прости и помилуй. Мурад!!!!!
    Я хочу к тебе, где ты, мой родной??? Тебе там хорошо? Ты слышишь мою молитву? Господи, я так верю, Мурадик что там, где ты находишься, тебе спокойно, счастливо и никогда не больно! Я и моя любовь с тобой каждое мгновение, но будь от меня свободен, умоляю тебя, буть счастлив и свободен! Ты сам все-все знаешь, ведь ты всегда все знал. Спасибо тебе, Мурадик, за то-что ты мой сын и есть там, где ты есть. Я знаю, что я ничего не знаю, но так безудержно надеюсь, что ты у себя в твоем настояшем доме, где ты чувствуешь настояшую свободу и настоящую любовь.
  • Anonymous (Pennsylvania) - 05/24/13 15:54
  • Mourad, Whereever your consciousness is flowing and existing in zero, I offer my bests wishes for fine dreams. Thank you for your courageous service. We are all proud of you and will never forget your sacrifice.
    Its cold in my bones again, it feels like nitrogen.
  • AR - 05/24/13 15:31
  • Respect.
  • Ligita Lukstraupe (Riga, Latvia) - 01/30/13 7:52
  • Dear Murad! You were so tiny, happy and beautiful in those distant days in Moscow. You are still happy and beautiful to all the people, who know and love you. You are still alive for me, although I got the poignant information only today, 8 years after...
    There was once a time when Dina, your mother did probably the best thing in my life - she made my film and people studies longer. We have not seen each other since, yet I can assert that I have been trying to augment the good your mums did to me, in connection to other people. God bless her - my dear friend Dinara, God bless your father Rufat (by the way, the lamp you once made, Rufat, is still at use in our country house as a nice memory...) God bless you all.
  • Rufat Ragimov (San Diego) - 01/26/13 17:25
  • My dear Mourad, it is 8 years passed now… still feels like you can walk-in back home like nothing happened “…hey! I’m back!!!” … in our dreams you do that all the time.
    I’m sure you would not mind if I post this documentary about you on YouTube with your footage recording yourself for the future… future is here, and we are watching you in the past.
    We love you and you are here with us, until we are here.
  • Bella - 02/03/12 17:31
  • Miss You.. Miss you... Miss you... You are always in my heart..
  • Dragos (San Diego) - 01/26/12 20:18
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you today ...
  • Parash (San Jose) - 05/25/11 3:26
  • I dont know you but I hope I dont dishonor your memory and you sacrifice. I hope I could achieve at least a lil bit of goodness from you pureness.God bless your mom and your family.Thanks for your sacrifice.
  • Bella Loki - 01/26/11 12:39
  • Miss you... The time passes, but you stay strong in our memories....
  • мама (san diego) - 12/31/10 23:08
  • Мурадик, ты видешь я первый раз прикоснурась к этим клавишам...
    Я пишу тебе в других тетрадках всё время - ты же знаешь? Год назад я намного больше ощущала Присутствие. Это было крохотным, но спасением. Я не знаю куда всё девалось. Я не знаю, как долго я это вынесу сыночек. Здесь опять эти дурацкие праздники... Конечно, ради Твоей сестры, я делаю всё, что могу. Она - достойное продолжение тебя и я очень хочу не быть ей обузой, бесконечно по тебе тоскуя. Хоть бы вернулось ТО ощущение. Я жду. Я надеюсь. Мы всегда были есть и будем вместе, Мурадик.Будь счастлив там, где ты есть. Благослови тебя Господь. LovMom
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