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Sue (San Diego) - 05/31/10 20:24
Mourad, you represent what is wonderful in this world. You have a loving family and friends who will always remember you as you were in life and as you will be in the ever after. Sue
your little sister - 04/04/10 17:17
miss you miss you miss you everday always.
Jackie (San Diego) - 04/02/10 20:39
I never met you but I know your Mother and your Lika-mama. You are with my Dad -- who you will love -- John Cissne and my two boys -- who are your brothers -- Cameron Paul and Robert Ryan. Sending you all love until we meet... again, jtk
Lika (San Diego) - 04/02/10 19:48
On the bright, sunny Spring day, on April 2, 1984 I woke up and heard amazing news... my little nephew was born, someone who changed my life forever. He became an anchor to everything in my turbulent teenage years, someone I wanted to protect and care for... he became my first child. Then we grew up together - Mourad and Lika-mama... He made me laugh, I couldn't live without him; I learned unconditional love through my love for Mourad; he taught me to care for others more than myself... When I went on my first travels, all I could think about is bringing him gifts and seeing his golden curls and smile, when we saw each other,... he would embrace me tightly and it felt good... we would hang out together, and i loved taking little Mouradik to work or when I was hanging out with friends. He was so charming, everyone loved him - well behaved, smart, analytical, but most importantly funny... his sense of humor and understanding of the world was apparent at the age of 2... and of course, he was an awesome little dancer, who gathered crowds at the Caspian resort we would go to in the summer... moving as if he was raised in the Bronx, he had a sense of rhythm and such feel for music... Ahh, how I miss you Mourad today. It is your birthday, it is one amazing day when you came to this world and you will always be alive, in my heart and through amazing memories.

Not sure how much more time until we meet again, but no matter how long, you are always with me.

Yours, LIka-mama forever
Marie (Palo Alto) - 04/02/10 6:36
Happy Birthday!
Rufat Ragimov (San Diego) - 03/28/10 17:05
Mourad, my son,

Your birthday is coming up soon but you are not getting older.
This year Shayla and Tammy will become older than you on this earth.

As I report to you periodically, nothing has changed in this world.
Only science and technology is moving forward.
Large Hadron Collider getting up to speed... fascinating.
New gadgets and gizmo's ... very entertaining.
Couple of years ago, I have discovered musician Brad Mehldau.
He became my favorite jazz composer and improviser.
After I have wrote him a letter expressing my feelings about his music and have mentioned this website, and guess what, I've got a reply!
Here is the excerpt from his letter to me.

I was deeply moved reading about your son, Mourad - especially the link to the forum that allows friends and family to write about him. And to read some of what he wrote as well - he was clearly an intelligent, thinking individual who had an interesting worldview.

I cannot imagine, being a father of young children, what your loss, and your family's loss is, to loose him like that. I can only offer my heartfelt condolences. I have deep respect and gratitude for all the men and women in the armed forces, and there is not a day that goes by, for me at least, when I do not stop and think about the hardships they are facing at any given moment, and the sacrifices that their family members must endure, like yourself. Especially now, during the holiday season.

Brad Mehldau.

Tammy - 02/17/10 14:09
Mourad Mourad Mourad... I love you...
Kenan Ahmadov (Tokyo, Japan) - 02/07/10 13:01
Rest in peace...

shayla - 01/27/10 22:04
Agh Mourad, you never cease to amaze me. You're still my best friend, love you always.
Rufat Ragimov (San Diego) - 01/26/10 0:51
Today is January 26th 2010.
It’s been 5 interesting years from that day.

Mourad, here is another one of your writings,
I want to share it with your friends. I hope you do not mind.

I have realized a lot of shit lately.
Some of it is from what my mom told me, but I began to feel it even before she told me. She just helped me to put it into words.
One thing I should make clear is that I’m coming from a pure point of view.
What I mean by a pure point of view is hard to explain so bare with me on this one…

When I was 16, an event in my life made me realize that everything is infinite and there is no such thing as a past or future, there is only now, the present moment.
After realizing this I began no longer care about things I could have done differently, because it has already happened, so all that matters is what you do in the present moment, but always learn from your experiences, this way you can be productive.
I think that people are no more than bunch of brains doing their thing and always were.
I do not believe in any higher beings.
People say they don’t know what else exists in the universe, but I do…
I think this because I think the universe is infinite which means there is absolutely NO END which means that anything that anyone can ever imagine or think of can and cannot exist, depending on everything.
Any Questions?

So what I mean by a pure point of view is that I’m a human on the planet Earth and so are you, and we are all having a great time and I would like to share my thoughts with you.
Oh, and to add on to my philosophy… infinity is like a number line.
∞ <- (from infinity)... -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6... (to infinity) -> ∞
It’s infinite both ways, and Zero is the present moment (the only thing that matters), (the only thing that truly exists). So as I was saying, I would like to share my thoughts with you about feelings during life.
Feelings during life.
I think that you can live a life a lot happier and you will be more appreciative of what you have if you just learn to enjoy the moment. Any moment, and every moment. Cuz remember, I’m coming at you from the pure point of view, why give a fuck about anything, you will die always. I mean all you really have to do to be happy is not to give a fuck. Just do what you feel, do what you naturally feels right for you.
I mean if you are jealous of someone, don’t deny it to yourself, just realize it and say “hey holly shit, I’m so fucking jealous, I want to kill that person” and then think about it and learn from it, and go jerk off, and go to sleep cuz that’s all you gotta do!
Another thing is when you’re working on a project or trying to learn something in order to master it, you have to enjoy every moment in the process. If not, if you are unhappy but plan to be happy when your project succeeds, you might not ever find that happiness because it always include suffering and nasty greenish yellow substances, so be happy always.
Even when your boyfriend or girlfriend or mom or dad or any fucking body is yelling at you, try and make a step back and watch it like a movie, even in hot situations, just like be like “Holly shit! This person is trippin!” It’s funnier that way, and that way you can think more clear, and have patience, and have fun noticing all the bullshit that is going on cuz non of it matters, nothing matters only what you do, that’s it.
Only you matter, cuz you are you, you are your mind, nobody will ever have anything to do with you unless you let them. It’s all in the mind, use it to your advantage… if you want.


Shayla (Berkeley, CA.) - 01/18/10 1:59
Miss You <3
Mike (Glendora,CA) - 01/07/10 23:21
Remembering, Always.
Sue (San Diego) - 10/21/09 23:37
I was lucky enough to become part of your extended family many years ago and think of you often. You are greatly missed by many people. Your ideals and goals were lofty and envied. You will always be in the minds and thoughts of those who remain behind.
James Cathcart (Boulder, Colorado) - 09/05/09 23:50
Hey man,

In your honor.

I don't know if HTML is turned on here, but I'll try to put the image here as well. If not everyone can download the image from the URL above. Miss you bro.

Rufat Ragimov (San Diego) - 07/12/09 0:16
I will be posting some of Mourad’s writings as we go… here you go…

The human body.

The human body consists of bones, muscles, blood, hair, cartridge, skin, fat, veins and arteries. I’m going to focus on chemicals. The human body consists of chemicals. There are many chemicals and hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. These chemicals flow throughout the human body and can change the way human “feels”. The human brain is a chemical factory. There are so many combinations of a different chemicals and hormones in the human brain that a type of electro-magnetic environment is created and this allows for there to be massive amounts of electrical signals to be sent throughout the body. Nerves that run throughout your body connect to the brain allows different parts of your body to communicate via these extremely complex matrix of nerves sending electrical signals back and fourth.
I guess most people think of “Love” and other type of emotions as these magical little things that pop up whenever they want to… … well, I bet these people go to church and prey to “God” to save them from evil monsters that live under their beds and I bet those same people still believe in Santa Clause.
Wake up and smell your anus.
It stinks doesn’t it? Do you want to know why it stinks so got damn mother fucking bad? Have you ever even thought about it? Well let me tell you something. It would take at leas 20 pages of text to explain the general idea of why your ass smells.
You see… “Love” and other “emotions” is not any more simple to explain tan why your anus stinks and I’m not the right person to explain either one. But I can tell you that the “emotions” you feel … humans have been feeling for thousands of years, so never undermine your body, the “emotions” you feel are clue to the chemical, hormonal and electrical balances and mixtures in your body… not because Santa Clause threw the roc at the cow.
You are not the first human in this life and you are not the last.
You are evolved creature that went through a lot of changes over the years. You see… if you think that Love is an emotion and emotions exits because they just do, then you might as well think that black people exist because someone stuck their head up their ass.
Your body is so complicated that most people cannot handle it and they get all crazy and stupid. In the modern day, people think they understand, when they really don’t understand anything, this is why there are so many stupid people. It’s not that the human race is a virus, it’s the stupidity and ignorance that’s the virus and its spreads fast so watch out Biatch!


Nathaniel (Coronado) - 05/25/09 9:37
Sending our thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Love to you all.
Lika mama - 04/03/09 21:19
Today is your day, the day of birth and laughter. You brought love, life and light into our lives the day you were born. And you will always be the light. Thank you for all you are!
Lika - 01/27/09 23:06
Always thinking of you! Always and forever, you are in my heart.
Tamara Bella - 01/27/09 22:38
That Janua​ry day. Heart​s were broke​n That Janua​ry day. Time stood​ still​ as a son was taken​ That Janua​ry day. The Marin​es lost a broth​er in arms That Janua​ry day. A hero was wept over That Janua​ry day. God gave comfo​rt to a griev​ing famil​y That Janua​ry day. Heave​n gaine​d anoth​er warri​or That Janua​ry day.

I love you.. and miss you very much
Sergio - 11/20/08 7:32
God bless you, Mourad.
You live in our hearts.
We'll remember you always.
You will never be forgotten!

Once a Marine, Always a Marine!
Semper Fi
Essence - 10/08/08 23:33
I missed you today...
Jan 26 2005 memorial - 04/02/08 8:42
Happy Birthday from the Jan 26 2005 memorial page
Marie (Palo Alto) - 04/02/08 6:39
Thinking of you Mourad...on this day of your birth!
Mike (Glendora) - 03/02/08 16:26
Sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me not to come to this site, but then I cant count how many times I see someone that looks like you, or reminds me of you in some way. It drives me to the only place I know to go to visit. Id be saying this over your tombstone, if it were 100 miles closer, but id put myself in the poorhouse if I visited it half as much as I do this site. Wish everyone I came across was as good of a person as you are, but then again thats part of what made you unique
Ramin (Deventer) - 01/27/08 17:40
Царствие ему Небесное. Аллах ряхмят елясин. Rest In Peace Murad!
Hikmet (Moscow) - 01/27/08 12:42
Дорогие Руфат, Дина и Шейла! Скорблю о Мураде вместе с Вами: Царствие ему Небесное, Allah rehmet elesin, Rest In Peace!
Misha (Los Angeles) - 01/27/08 3:54
I miss you Mourad. You were my first real best friend and I will always remember the times we had together. I wear your ring every day and whenever I put it on or take it off, I think about you buddy. My mom and I will always have you in our hearts.
marie (Palo Alto) - 01/27/08 22:42
Remembering your sacrifice will never be forgotten..Semper Fi
Susan House (Simi Valley) - 01/26/08 13:08
Dinara and Ragimov Family - I can't believe it has been three years today - thinking of all of you and will keep you in my prayers. Our boys are in a better place than we are - I truly believe that, still that doesn't stop our hearts from breaking, the tears from falling and the longing to hug them one more time or hear their laughter...Please feel free to email me, I would love to talk sometime or maybe even meet. We talked almost two years ago, but never were able to get together. My email is
Patricia Rincon (Encinitas, CA) - 01/26/08 12:49
My dear Mourad I spent last night on your web page. I felt very close to you and felt you around my office. I thought of the many occasions you came to my performances and wore your wonderful hat. You always made me laugh and still do! I still have the great pleasure to work with your father on creating dance films. And get to visit Dina, Shayla and Mama. I also went to Argentina with Lika for the holidays, (Tammy & Shayla were in New York.) We had a blast! You and your family have always been very dear to me. My second family you know. Today I have sweet memories of you in my heart and wanted to say I love you and miss you.
Lika - 01/26/08 12:34
Dina and Rufat, I love you. You gave birth to a beautiful man who affected many lives and me, personally,in such a short time. I am grateful to you for that and much more. It is all an illusion. Mourad is with us, always and forever, protecting you, watching for yours and Shayla's well being. I love you. Also, I love your daughter, Shayla. She is my daughter as well, so know she always has love and support here with me and Tammy. Yours forever, Lika
Lika - 01/26/08 12:28
Thank you for visiting with me and sharing your love yesterday night. It was the most special moment in my life. I know now you are happy and I am too. Love you forever.
Dina (Long Beach) - 01/26/08 11:39
missing you today and everyday
Nathaniel (Coronado) - 09/29/07 16:15
Dear sweet Ragimovs,

I think about you often, and pray that you find peace in your hearts and lives. I love you.

Shayla (San Diego) - 08/20/07 22:51
I once heard a saying that came from a poet: "Things are measured by their opposites." I very much agree, and believe that Mourad's leaving was a gift to us all.
Rufat Ragimov (San Diego) - 08/15/07 21:39
We use this “portal” talking to Mourad, but in fact we communicate to each other, right?
Naturally, we share our thoughts and feelings related to Mourad and towards his family and friends.
Our life still goes on, and we think of Mourad always!
I think we can share our stories in occasion, no?

I’m sure Mourad knows everything and there is no need for me to inform him of how we are doing and stuff, but for those who do not know… Here it goes…

Mourad, it’s me, your Pop (Dad).
Your sister 18 and your Cousin 18 now. Do you believe that!?
Once in a while we visit your grave to see your stone with your frequently repeated philosophical statement graved on it:
“Everything Matters and Nothing Matters”.
I know you are not there (under the stone) – but you are everywhere.

Your cousin Tammy still dancing and wants to be a reporter and fighter for democracy and freedom. Imagine that!
Your sister, Shayla, still dancing and wants to maximize her potentials studying science and hopefully transfer to Berkley University in 2 years. Nice!
Mom is trying her best to get away from downward spiral she is in for many years.
She is escaping from reality thus separating herself from all her friends and family.
Looks like her effort alone is not enough but we do not know what to do to help.
Mom is suffering tremendously by understanding that she is hurting others with her condition.
Can you perform some miracle for her? :) just kidding.

We’ve got a toy poodle (8 pound dog) that is happy camper getting “happy heart attacks” by greeting every person coming through the door.
What else…?
Not much, I guess…

James and all of your Marines and not military friends are thinking of you.
There is no other way; I guess… it’s for life (that’s how it goes here).
We all love you very much.

I always tend to be on philosophical side looking at things and events and now even more so.

Nothing new here on earth.
Same humans.
Same stinking politicians (governments) brain-wash population to control "good" citizens.
Same fight for "freedom" against "freedom" fighters on the other side.
Always been that way and logically no change expected.
No major science breakthrough in the process yet...
But there should be one very soon and logically many big changes are expected.
I'm sure at the end/(new beginning) we're going to advance technologically to the degree that we will be able to implode the universe to create a new one and new life. It can be even our purpose of existence, why not? Fascinating!

Sometimes I have moments of clear and pure understanding but one can’t stay there for a long time because it's not normal human condition as we know it and I come back for routine with memory that I've been there and it follows me around.

So long dear Mourad, let’s go.

ERNIE (San Diego,CA) - 08/14/07 23:45
not a day goes by that i dont think about you guys
Tammy - 07/17/07 23:02
I miss you... I wish you were still here
Marie (Palo Alto) - 05/28/07 13:07
You are remembered on this day, Memorial Day, to honor our nations heroes. Semper Fi
Mike (Glendora,CA) - 04/13/07 14:31
Mourad,my friend, I havent forgot you. Not a month goes by where I dont refer to you in a conversation. Stay up, take care. I miss you.
Dinara Djabieva (Redondo Beach) - 03/22/07 20:37
Always on my mind and forever in my heart.
Love you with all my heart!!!!!
Bilgeyis Mekhtiyeva (Baku) - 03/06/07 10:55
K sojaleniyu ya ne znakoma s Muradom. I daje ne znakoma s chlenami ego semyi, no mne ochen jal, chto oni poterali sina dostoynogo nazivat seba mujchinoy. Roditeli, kotoriye vospitali takogo sina zaslujivayut glubochaywego uvajeniya. Primite moi soboleznovaniya. K sojaleniyu v jizni ne vsegda bivayet tak, kak nam zahochetsa... I prihoditsa terat blizkih. Allah Rehmet Elesin.
Chris (san diego/salt lake) - 01/29/07 15:49
I miss you Mourad. I remember being on the couch in your room playing video games with you and listening to the daft punk song "around the world" like it was yesterday. I have not forgot you and I wont.
Natalie (Del Mar) - 01/26/07 12:26
I miss you Mourad!!! Love you!
Marie Miller (Palo Alto) - 01/26/07 6:22
Mourad mattered...his sacrifice never forgotten.
Semper Fidelis
A friend - 01/24/07 21:26
I love you and miss you so much.
Sevinj (London) - 12/20/06 16:01
Never, ever, Oh God, please don't, never, ever...
But, it happens, again and again. We lose our dears. Oh God just give us strength and let us know why!
Allah rehmet elesin!
LCpl Bagirov (Charlotte, NC) - 12/19/06 16:20
Allah Rehmet Elesin! Semper Fi
Lika - 10/31/06 21:17
I love you and miss you. You are always in my heard and in my soul. You are my angel and I pray for you.
Never Forget - 08/10/06 17:09
I watched the flag pass by one day,
It fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it,
And then he stood at ease.

I looked at him in uniform
So young, so tall, so proud,
With hair cut square and eyes alert
He'd stand out in any crowd.

I thought how many men like him
Had fallen through the years.
How many died on foreign soil
How many mothers' tears?

How many pilots' planes shot down?
How many died at sea
How many foxholes were soldiers' graves?
No, freedom isn't free.

I heard the sound of Taps one night,
When everything was still,
I listened to the bugler play
And felt a sudden chill.

I wondered just how many times
That Taps had meant "Amen,"
When a flag had draped a coffin.
Of a brother or a friend.

I thought of all the children,
Of the mothers and the wives,
Of fathers, sons and husbands
With interrupted lives.

I thought about a graveyard
At the bottom of the sea
Of unmarked graves in Arlington.
No, freedom isn't free.

Hikmet Azimzade (Los Angeles) - 08/03/06 17:56
Примите мои искренние соболезнования! Только вчера из разговора с Баку узнал от двоюродной сестры Гюляры Исрафилзаде об этой трагедии... Скорблю вместе с Вами - Хикмет.
Mike Wilson (Glendora,CA) - 07/12/06 13:31

Ive had a section dedicated to you for awhile on myspace. Its never coming down. Through hard times, I think about your poem about building your own track in life... Your words have helped me. I still remember the exact sound of your voice, and in my head I can hear exactly how you would read this poem. I solute you.
Mila (Los Angeles) - 05/30/06 13:15
We love you, Mouradik and miss you so much. It still feels totally unreal,
especially, when we go to visit you...
Dina B. (San Diego) - 05/29/06 13:16
Remembering you today, Mouradik.
Dina (Redondo Beach) - 05/29/06 12:30
Thinking of you everyday Mourad. Still can't believe this is all very real.
Miss you with all of my heart.
love you
Tamara Kafarova (Kirkland) - 04/24/06 21:40
3,5 years ago, I lost my only son Marat. He is The LOVE and meening of my life. We were also from Bacou. In 2,5 months He would be 20. All those sincere messages just remind me my horrible pain when next day, I found out about Murad's terrible death. I knew about this family through my friends. My deepest sympathy and sorrows. Tamara Kafarova
Mike Wilson (Glendora , CA) - 04/12/06 8:24
Just soluting you my brother.
Susan House (Simi Valley) - 03/21/06 16:42
I met Dinara in Hawaii when the State of Hawaii held a memorial service for troops killed. In fact one of the pictures on this website shows us sitting outside in the parking garage together having a cigarette. I felt a strong sense of connection to her and didn't know how to get in touch with her following the service. She is such a sweet compassionate woman, I only wish I had known her son, but feel honored that our sons knew each other even in the worst circumstances. Dinara, or whoever reads this, if you would please give Dinara my email I would love to speak with her. Also, my cell number is 805-304-7559 - Please call me! Susan L. House
Proud Mother of Fallen Heroe, HM3 John D. House
Angeliki (Los Angeles) - 02/08/06 21:39
I met Dinara, Mourad's mom when I interviewed her for my film: MY CHILD-MOTHERS OF WAR. She is an amazing woman. If anyone ever questions a mother's love all they have to do is see Dinara and how much she has missed her son! We wish her the strength to go on and keep his memory alive.
Anonymous - 01/29/06 4:56
You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. May your family and friends find solace in the fact that you lived and died a hero.
God Bless and RIP
James (29 Palms Marine Corps base) - 01/28/06 17:21
I wrote this almost exactly one year ago when I stayed with Rufat, Dina, and Shayla during the funeral. Mourad led an amazing life and faced many challenges and dangers with courage and resolve. He isn't gone he's moved on to the next level just waiting for us to catch up. Anyway here is what I wrote:

Brother in arms, brother in life, brother in death.

I knew him since I was in fourth grade. He was intelligent, curious, musical, funny, and a great friend. You think that since you got through it that he would be ok. He only had a week left so hes coming home for sure. Its not possible, theres no way. Then the impossible happens. What happened, why, it cant be. Never ending questions and the search for impossible answers. What can you do, and what can you say? In the back of your head it still seems like hes going to come home and were going to go and party and hang out, go to the beach, and live out our lives. You have dreams where he comes back and says "I didnt die, there was some sort of communication error". Then you wake up and you realize that hes not coming home to party with us. He wont get a chance to meet the love of his life, get married, and have children. How does this make sense? Why? Who has the arrogance to decide who lives and who dies? Theres no point in asking these questions now. The only thing to do now is to remember him, my friend no my brother, and honor him in his passage to the next step, whatever that may be. I love you man and Ill see you again someday.
Chris (Provo) - 01/28/06 16:17
I spent time with Mourad from around the Fall of 01 to the summer of 02 while I was in San Diego going to Mira Costa college. I met Mourad through a mutual friend and saw him around town, at school, parties where we had mutual friends and nearly every time I went to Rubio's at the Del Mar Highlands. We always were eating there at the same time.
I was always happy to see Mourad because I didnt feel like I had to try around him. He was always honest and sincere in his interaction with me and I dont feel like we ever really had "shallow" conversation. What I remember the most about Mourad was that he would always look me in the eyes when we were talking.
To Mourad's friends and family: I am happy to share your gratitude for being able to share moments in this life with such an outstanding young man.
As we live, Mourad lives.
Aztr0, nOx, or Chris (Cincinnati) - 01/27/06 0:26
It's been a long time, 1 year exactly. I knew mourad for about 6 years and we never met in person but we talked *ALL* the time. Like I talk to Mike now, who I actually met in person, still not a day really ever goes by where I don't think of Mourad.
Brenda Woodland (Weatherford) - 01/27/06 23:53
To the family and friends of Mourad Ragimov: May God bless you and your wonderful son, brother, and friend. I want to thank Mourad for his service to our country. I believe God has a special place in Heaven for our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who laid down their life for their band of brothers and in the defense of their country. Mourad is a hero. My heart goes out to his friends and family who suffer his loss.
Natalie (del mar) - 01/27/06 23:03
Dear Rufat, Dina, and Shayla
I was thinking about you all a lot this week and I hope your year is going well so far. I miss you all and I hope to see you this Spring. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care. :)
Falls (New York, via Hannity web site) - 01/27/06 22:41
I salute the fine men and women who defend our nation, and the tragic loss of any of them diminishes us all.

Rest well Soldier, you have earned it, and our respect.

Thank you, and we will keep you and the others who have fallen in our memories always.
Rob Lacy (Rancho Palos Verdes) - 01/27/06 22:17
God Bless you and the many other young men and women who have died serving this country making it as long as the rest of the world a better place for the younger generations to grow up in. God Bless your family for the sacrifice they have had to make. To see you grow into a proud young man that found the love for his country to fight for it with everything you have.
Tim Nie (Northern Kentucky) - 01/26/06 1:45
Semper Fidelis Brother. You rest now. We'll keep watch.
Mike Wilson (Glendora) - 01/26/06 23:15
Ahhhh, I hope the people here dont mind me using this board to vent, but I miss you brother. Mourad will be in my thoughts always. May God bless the Ragimov family. You're all in my prayers. Peace be with you, God bless you.
Marie Miller (Mountain View) - 01/26/06 22:41
Dear Rufat, Dinara and Shayla,
Last year on this day I was restless and like today, spent alot of time searching the internet. I caught a news blurb on the AFP about a helicopter crash in info though. I was restless all night and found out later that they were Hawaii world stopped and I agonized until I heard that my son was "safe" I can only imagine the pain of hearing your son was not coming home. Although I have never met Mourad, I will never forget him and he is never far from my thoughts. My heart aches for you as a parent who has lost a child, as a mother of a marine who has lost his best friend (my son Robert Betts was in the same unit), and as marine who has lost a fellow marine (I served from 1983-1986.) Semper Fidelis
Dina - 01/09/06 19:38
My heart burst with love for you, I miss you and yet know that you are right here so close to me. I see you and feel you in every beautiful thing through out my day. I will try for you to never take these moments for granted as long as I am alive, and then... when it's time we will again roam the forests together, lay in the snow and watch the stars in the darkness, play chess and drink tea, and best of all just be together.
Love you my brother
miss you - 12/27/05 12:14
Merry christmas Mourad... this one was for you.
Alexandra McCracken (Mira Mesa, CA) - 11/16/05 12:03
Rufat, Dinara, and Shayla,
Yesterday I went to visit Mourad, and I took him flowers. I also took my husband with me, who said he would like to go and honor the memory of a fellow Marine (my husband was in the Marines too).
People at work asked me why did I go back again, to take flowers to Mourad, and I told them this: the first thing you must remember is that Mourad is my hero, my friend, and even now I love him still. Then remember that we must NEVER forget our fallen Marines and troops, and honor their memories always.
I pray for your family still, and the memory of your beautiful son is etched into my heart forever - and I will never forget someone who was a friend, someone I worked long hours with at the movie theater, someone who was always dear and kind to me and everyone else around him, and a brother in arms. I, and so many other people are SO proud of him, and to have known him.
May God bless your family, and may Mourad's memory never be forgotten.
A Friend - 11/08/05 14:19
Ia ne znaiu, komu i zachem eto nushno -
Kto poslal ih na smert nedroshavshei rukoi -
Tolko tak besposcadno, tak zlo i nenushno -
Opustili ih v vechnii pokoi......

Aleksandr Vertinski
Steve & Patricia Keyes (Encintas, CA) - 10/27/05 1:30
Rufat, Dinara, Shayla -- It is now fall 2005. We still have the little altar in our livingroom with the photo of our beautiful nephew Mourad. We haven't spoken to you for awhile now; it is difficult: we still miss Mourad so and loved him more than you may know. ... Know too that we love you three very much as well, despite time and distance. We'll all of us be together at some point along the way.
A Friend - 10/20/05 9:12
I miss you
Dina (Redondo Beach, CA) - 09/25/05 17:22
I remember talking to Mourad once when he was in Felujia, he told me about the times that he gets to take off from action and spend a few days at the base, where he can watch movies, read books, play chess on the internet and other things that occupy his time and his mind. So thinking about all this I realized that there are so many soldiers there now that might or might not have what they need to keep their minds sane. I stumbled upon this site you can look at requests soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have placed for things they would like. I think this is an essential part of supporting our men and women in the service. I want to honor Mourad in any way I find, and this might just be one more way.
I love you Mourad.

harry (stafford tx) - 08/20/05 0:16
I stumbled upon this site, my heart breaks in sadnes.
My son was stationed at Korean Village. He was part of the team that provided security for the crash site and transportation out of the area for our lost Marines. When I spoke to him later, he was still broken up about the loss of so many of his brother marines. He wanted me to know that they were handled and cared for with great reverance and care, but being sent on their way home. My son was coming back from emergency leave and came through the same area a short time earlier....when the news broke. we were terrified he was on the chopper as the timing was right. Many hours later we learned that he was ok............our joy was muted becuase 31 other familys did not get good news.........I cried like a baby
Patricia Jackson (Mesa) - 07/05/05 9:52
My thoughts and prayers are with you, along with my deepest sympathy. God bless you all.
Cpl Hughes (San Diego) - 07/01/05 22:17
I onces was a Marine that faced hardships and still trying to over come life to see if life I should live. As time past by day by day will see each other again in a better life, but for now we must live each day as much as we can and enjoy making new life for ourselves. Be strong, happy, and smile as much as you can. R/S Cpl Hughes Usmc 3/5 wpn' co
Alexandra Bennett (Mira Mesa) - 05/30/05 20:46
Mourad, I met you when you were 15 or 16. We worked together at the movie theater for a long time. Although you were young, you were so wise beyond your years. You were pretty quiet, but at the same time, by the look in your eyes, anyone could tell you were thinking, contemplating, searching for something else. It is an honor to be able to say that I worked with you, and that you were my friend. I know Torrey Pines wasn't enough for you, and that inside you were past that level, wanting more, and that is why you joined the Marines, which is the proudest and most honorable service to be able to serve with. I cannot put into words how deeply saddened I was to see your story on the television, neither can I put into words how profoundly proud I am of you. There is no greater love, Mourad, and you showed that to everybody. I used to worry, and feel so sad that you had to leave, but now I understand that things happen for a reason, and I firmly believe that the world wasn't big enough for you, and whatever it is that you are searching for or striving to be, you have found it outside of this terrible place. There are more important things than those that go on in this world, and I'm sure you are taking care of those things where you are. I went to see you today at Ft. Rosecrans, where I met your father, sister, and your friend who served with you in the Marines. I have prayed for your family for these months now, and I will continue to do so. It was an honor to meet the family of such a brave, beautiful person. May God bless your family everyday, in everyway. You are sincerely missed and will never be forgotten. I love you, my brother.
Natalie Goodwin (Del Mar,Ca) - 05/30/05 9:20
I love you and miss you Mourad!! Hope the family is doing well!! I miss you all lots!! Happy Memorial Day... love, natalie
Mike Wilson (Los Angeles) - 05/30/05 8:04
Mourad, I miss you.
~Memorial Day
empty (empty) - 05/23/05 13:34
as Freddie Mercury's song "The Show Must Go On" says: "Empty places what are we living for" so every new life and every "new" death is all the same? No for example when My dear Mourad died I became realy empy. I miss him very much. Do you know dear dinara that dead man is all the same with liveful man? When you say that man is half-alive- or half-dead- this are same so ...
Alexander Glurjidze (Tbilisi Geogia) - 05/23/05 13:16
I'm very sory that I didn't write earlier (I couldn't send the message). I still can't believe. I always wished to meet my relative I've never seen, but time is still running. Always time wants to take away something precious, but it isn't reason to stop. Time never stops, so don't let it overrun you. Be strong. We are with you. To dear Dinara and Rufat from Sandrik that lives in Geogia Tbilisi. I'm lost in words, so better I'll wright no more. I realy love you all, it doesn't matter for me I've seen you or not but still you are my relatives and I love you and I try to care of you across the ocean.
Robert Betts(LCPL USMC) (MCBH Hawaii) - 05/18/05 9:28
It really made me feel good to see that there is a site up for Ragimov, I was in his platoon and also attached to the same platoon that he was in. He was one of my best friends and not a day goes by where I dont sit for a few minutes and wish he were still around so I have someone I can relate too. We would sit on post with each other, no matter how cold it was for 4 to 8 hours every day, so we didnt have to sit up there alone. And we would just talk for hours. He talked extremely well of you, his family. I miss him to this day as much as I did the night we heard what happened. And I tell everybody in my family what an awesome person he was, I could relate to him more than anyone else I've met so far. And it was an honor to have known him and served with him, and I will never forget Mourad. My friend.
A friend - 04/28/05 19:49
I Love you, and miss u. We need u.
Genia Raizer (San Diego, CA) - 04/16/05 12:46
Дина, Руфат,
я не уверена, что правильно делаю, выставляя здесь этот текст песни, написанной и посвящённой Мурадику. Но возвращаясь на эту страницу снова и снова, читая все эти «письма», послания, я думаю, как хорошо, что у вас, у него столько друзей, близких. И вспоминаю: человек умирает тогда, когда о нём забывают.

Комментарии к неотправленным письмам

Мама, всё уже позади, родная,
Мой обман во спасенье, покоя мета.
Твой невыросший сын повзрослел, пока я
Рядом был с тобой по ту сторону света.
По ту сторону жизни стреляют точно,
Не по-детски война, распорядитель храма.
В твоих сказках ни слова о ней, ни строчки.
Там, увы, не живут на деревьях мамы.
Возвращенье к себе, от себя и выше,
Заблудился я между трёх сосен-истин.
Я пишу тебе письма и, кажется, слышу
Комментарии к ним пожелтевших листьев
Неотправленных в прошлых веках посланий.
Возвращенье к себе.. Путь домой и выше.
И война не деталью на заднем плане,
Но уже позади, я живой, я выжи... .

Sharon (San Luis Obispo, CA) - 04/14/05 12:41
It is wonderful to see that this site created for Mourad and those who love him continues to grow. I was so happy to see the new photo's that have been posted! What a beautiful young man your Mourad became. I love seeing the smile on his face, and the happiness in all of your eyes as you are together celebrating life. At a birthday or on vacation, the love you feel for one another is so apparent. These memories of yours are a lovely gift, thank you for sharing them here. The picture of Mourad and Shayla with the bunnies broght back memories for me - I remember the kids playing with those cute little rabbits! I have so many wonderful memories of Laine and I spending time with you. It was interesting to watch Mourad grow from a boy into a teenager. He and I took a walk one evening when he was around 13 years old. We went to the pool and dangled our feet in the water, and as we talked I realized the deep soul encased inside of this boy. It was a general conversation about life, nothing particularly poignant in the words themselves. Still, I was impressed with Mourads reaching, a clear concern of his to understand himself and the life around him. As I read all that is posted here of his writings, and what others have said about him, it's so clear that his depth of feeling was vast. As I think of how he would have turned 21 here on earth, on wonder how old his soul is. I appreciate his philosophy of Infinity, his conciousness being ever flowing and having no end. All that exists truely is the present moment, though there are an infinite number of present moments on an infinite number of levels. I believe Mourad's "Zero", his "Now" is in a very real and beautiful place, just not one that we can see. ~~~ All my love to you Dina, Rufat and Shayla. As always you are in my heart every day.
Bob and Kay Slocum (Saugus, CA) - 04/03/05 0:19
Dina and Rufat,
Thank you so much for your e-mail dated March 26th in response to our posting on the fallen heroes website. This is a beautiful website honoring Mourad and what he believed in.

We understand what you went through today being it was Mourad's birthday. Kay an I experencised this back on 2/2 when Ricky would have been 20 years old. Our day consisted of going to his grave site and decorating it with a plant, baloons and candles. It still doesn't seem real and we cry for them every day.

Kay and I would like to talk to both of you when you are ready. We understand that it's hard to do right now.

God Bless,
Dina (Eugene and LA) - 04/03/05 22:17
I really wish I could be with everybody on this very special day... no amount of distance will keep me from having you on my mind and in my dreams. So please remember that I love all of you and hold you in a sacred part of my soul. Be strong and know that love is all around you from the very core of my existence.
Dina (Eugene and LA) - 04/03/05 22:13
Natalie (Del Mar, CA) - 04/02/05 9:38
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOURAD!! Lots of love to him and to his family!! Celebrate his life today!!
Love... Natalie
Friend (California) - 03/30/05 16:32
Mourad's birthday is coming soon. On April 2 he would be 21.
Please send your love and prayers to his family. This could be extra difficult day for them to live through.

Amber Varieur (Myrtle Beach, CA) - 03/29/05 9:05
Its the ultmate self-sacrafice only recgonized as such when a loved one dies. I will not offer my sorrow or regret, but pride in your friend for standing up for a Country who tends to be a little niave in what it wants and knows. He is a hero in my book.

One thing is for sure, where ever he is now (be it heaven or any other name 'heaven' may go by) hes happy and he can now be in 2,000 places at once without breaking a sweat, so hes there next to you right now.
Mike Wilson (California) - 03/25/05 23:55
Mourad is my friend. I think about him everyday. I can still hear the exact sound of his voice and laugh in my head. I had a dream a while back that he was about to call me. Just as the phone rang in my dream, I woke up holding my phone. I think the dial tone woke me up. It was one of the most silent moments in my life. The poem by Emilia had me in tears when I read it. I am going to put it on my website under my tribute to Mourad. Thank you.
It makes me very sad when I think about how he died. I pray and hope it was quick. I hope he did'nt suffer any. Mourad learned to hold is head high. He got a great deal of pride out of being what he is, a U.S. Marine.
I miss you friend.
Emilia (San Diego, CA) - 03/21/05 20:37
Hi, my name is Emilia Iskenderova and I am 14 years old. Me and my family heard about what happend to your son and we were very traumatized because we learned that he is from Baku, like us, and not to mention very young. We are very sorry for the tragedy that has occured with your son Mourad. I want to let you know that my family along with all of the other Bakinians in San Diego share your pain and we are always here to help in any situation. We all know that it is hard because of this tragedy, but we hope that you will find the strength to get through this, along with the help of your supporters.
Also, please accept the sympathy of your friend Gulya Kasimsade from Baku, who has asked us to send her sympathy also.
Me and my mother have put together two poems in rememberance of your dear son:

My Hero

We were both just little kids,
When we came to the U.S.,
When we got here we were surprised,
It left us all impressed.

You came a couple of years before me,
But it was pretty much the same,
We both got the advantage of
Growing up in the U.S.A.

Then you made a tough decision,
The biggest one you could take,
You decided to fight for your new home,
To defend our United States.

It would take so many guts,
To make this strong decision,
But you did it, and you did great,
You went out on your mission.

Then your life was unfairly taken,
It took us all by surprise,
It was so hard to see your parents,
Your mothers tearing eyes…

Now that you're gone,
All we can say, is that we love and respect you,
Ill pray to God so that he'll help you through,
He’ll Love you and he will protect you.

Me and you, we have some things in common,
We both migrated from Baku,
But one difference I know for sure,
Is that I have one hero, and it is you.

* * *
Your son was a miracle,
For so many lives,
Now, that he's gone,
Our whole nation cries.

Every person in San Diego,
Who knew him, or did not,
Will live with the memories,
Of how well he fought.

He risked his life,
To save our nation,
And you, as his parents,
Just have to be patient.

We all know it hurts,
But we will all pray,
Time heals all things,
In our hearts he will stay.

Barbara (Virginia) - 03/15/05 18:17
I am very sorry for this family. I am also sorry for the other side as well because they are having loved ones die too. If we all saw each other as people there would be no war and no death on either 'side'. We are all living people and really very much the same. It is sad no one seems to care about the other side. I am not religious but did not Christ or the bible say something about loving your enemy? Peace :-))
Hayley Barnes (Houtson, TX) - 03/13/05 12:55
I've been reading through all the thoughts, prayers, poems and photos and I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your son...... you're in my thoughts and prayers.
Natalie Goodwin (Del Mar, CA) - 03/07/05 20:50
to mourads family... I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to see you over spring break if possible!! Lots of Love!! -Natalie
William or Bill, friend of Dina............ (Torrance, CA) - 03/06/05 5:20
My life has been deeply moved ever since the moment I met your son, the beauty of him, the innocence, and the story his eye's told, and a smile that made you humble and calm..... I will never forget... From that strange american who is obsessed with Bjork, and always had a drum at the Russian festival's, your son in my mind will be remembered as the guy who really cared, and made me smile and laugh in the forest of Temecula......
My deepest sympathys to you all, I will never forget such a special man, and I may not see him physically, but I feel his presence always and forever.... Sincerly, Bill
Reikhman Gregory (Ashdod, Israel) - 03/02/05 2:50
Дорогой Руфат! Буду рад, если ты получишь мое письмо... Я узнал о твоем горе от Иры Поповой, она в Баку. (С Шестой я иногда на связи...) Видел и фотоальбом. Мы все - родом из детства, из Баку, из Шестой. Утешать тебя не буду, такое горе - безмерно. Говорить банальности не хочу. Запомни только одно, твой сын - Герой, Воин, Мужчина... Ты можешь гордиться Им, и Да Будет Благословленна Его Память, или, как говорят на иврите, "Зихроно ле-враха"... Просмотрел присланные вам соболезнования, увы, не нашел от своей троюродной сестры Лены Каминской, сестры Миши Сосинского, да и от него. Миша, знаю, в России, в Москве, но я его никак не смог отыскать по своим каналам... Увидишь - скажи, что получил весточку от меня... Дина и Руфат, вас невозможно утешить, но жить надо... Светлая память ушедшему... Он был жив и он - жив в нашей памяти. Такие не умирают... Не плачьте... Ваш друг Гриша Рейхман. Простите, если "что-то не так"...
Love you - 02/28/05 14:29
The previous message says it all. Both, Dina and Rufat, carry this unimaginable loss with great deal of strenth and dignity. They make it easier for all of us, their friends, to cope with what is still impossible to accept.
Mouradik would be so proud of you. No, he IS so proud of you.

Lots of love.
Love you - 02/26/05 13:00
Dinara i know right it's the hardest thing to cope with but i see u almost everyday. And u are the strongest women to me and i really admire that. You are teaching me alot threw this hard time. Mourad is so proud of u right now.

Mourad~ You are a gift from god...... I love u and i miss u. Thank u for helping
LCpl Bryan C Bodrog (M C B H, HI) - 02/23/05 11:14
I am Mourad's brother! I am his brother not by birth but by choice. The day he and I decided to join the Marine Corps we also decided to join a family. As part of that family I am always going to have a connection with him as well as his true family. I cannot decribe in words how much I love Mourad, but I am sure he knows just what my words cannot describe. My heart goes out to his family, but I am assured that they are aware. Mourad will always live on through me. Through my thoughts, words, and stories. I love you all and will update in the next few days.
OH, OH, How hard it was to hear your sad news. Lynn and I were so crushed. I couldn't sleep that night and so meditated with the thoughts of your fine son and spent some precious time with memories of him. I so enjoyed those times we chatted together. He was very special and will continue to be so, we can all rest assured of that, what ever his spirit is doing now.
Nick Brownlee (San Diego, CA) - 02/17/05 12:49
I'm a Torrey Pines high school student and I read about Mourad in the Falconer (school newspaper). I can't console the Ragimov family, but I can say that his poem, about the train, was very inspiring to me, and I thank Mourad for writing it and the Ragimov family for putting it on this web site for me to read. Instead of trying to place blame on anyone for the helicopter crash or for the war, I merely offer my prayers to the Ragimov family, I don't think the grief will leave, but I know that God has a reason for everything, and I know he will give the Ragimov's a way to cope with this loss. And besides my prayers I offer hope for a better world, but I doubt we will ever see one much better or less violent than it is today, in fact I'm sure it will get worse. The Bible tells us there is a time for war and a time for peace, a time to laugh and a time to feel sorrow. But it also tells us not to be consumed by peace or laughter, and especially not by war or sorrow, so I just hope that the Ragimov family can forgive but never forget, and keep on living.
Simon (Baku, Azerbaijan) - 02/16/05 12:27
Отцу Мурада, его Маме: Примите мои искренние соболезнования, я не знал Мурада и вас тоже, но узнав о том, что Азербайджанец погиб в этой никчемной грязной, суровой войне мне стало грустно. Я думаю, мои слова может вам и не придадут сил, но крепитесь на все воля Аллаха, и Мурад смотрит на вас с небес, я думаю, ему не хотелось бы видеть ваших слёз и слёз ваших сердец и душ. Протрите слёзы мы все с вами, и Мурад с вами в ваших сердцах. Он там жил, живет, и будет жить. Не вините Аллаха (субханаху ва таъала) в потери этого милого юноши, во всем виноват Буш!..
Simon (Baku) - 02/16/05 11:43
Аллах оляньляря ряхмят елесин.
Aliyev, Farid (Brooklyn, NY) - 02/14/05 7:05
I am sergeant in the USMC and originally from Azerbaijan. Words can't describe the pain that I felt when I heard about my fellow countryman Mourad. ALLAH REHMET ELYASIN.
Rufat Ragimov (San Diego, CA) - 02/14/05 0:56
To my Friends:

Not sure where to start... so much I could tell you about Mourad. And at the same time I can just say that he was "my baby", then "my boy", and then he became a MAN.
He became a better MAN than I am, and I'm proud that I could raise a MAN like Mourad!

Dina and I want to thank all of you for your words of support and wisdom.
Memories of Mourad are so fresh that I still do not fully understand what happened.
The words he spoke to me the night before he crashed, "I love you dad" still ring clearly in my ears.
My feeling is that Mourad is far away... still serving his country... like nothing has changed. And I still worry about him, but every time when I look at his photo I have a painful feeling in my gut, identical to the one you have when you look at someone's open wound.

I am dying with him every time I think what he and his friends went through in this terrible helicopter crash.
Mourad was born in Azerbaijan... The Land of Fire... Fire took him away...
My wife Dina was told by a spiritual psychologist that Mourad’s spirit (along with the 30 souls of his friends) created an "umbrella" to protect the people of Iraq.
I am not a believer, neither was Mourad, but I want to believe that now Mourad can, in some way, protect the innocent people of Iraq.

Mourad, you shook our lives. Your energy now is so enormous... we should learn how to handle it.
First I screamed, then I cried, and cried, and cried... till my heart was about to explode.
I spoke to my heart and I asked you to let me go...
As you know, I never cried since that night.

About our hero Marines:

Marines are not trained to win hearts and minds of people in the occupied country.
Marines are our deadly weapon that needs to be used very carefully as a very last resort.
We should know the truth about collateral damage when Marines are in action.
Marines are trained to kill and destroy (if engaged) and ask questions later.
"It's better to be jugged be 12 than carried by 6" they say, and I do not blame them at all!!!
But it also comes with a heavy price of "post dramatic stress" that our children are experiencing coming back home.
Mourad's two closest friends (marines) James and Brian were attending the funeral.
Same as Mourad, they do NOT believe in this war but at the same time they are willing to go back to Iraq to be with their fellow marines, that's how strong Marines friendship is!
Actually Brian can't go back because his leg is paralyzed. He took bunch of shrapnel in his spine from RPG rocket that was coming right at his face, breaking his clavicle and exploded behind him. Brian covered his friend with his own body taking all the shrapnel of this explosion on himself.
He can’t sleep at night thinking of horrible episodes that he was involved in Iraq.
James and Brian now are like sons to Dina and me.
In one of the letters Mourad shortly stated "I don't have a scratch on me, which is a miracle." In fact (later), he did take small shrapnel in action.
I can only imagine what he went through in Fallujah during last offensive operation.
We will not know Mourad's stories... almost all his friends also died in that "helo" crash.
James and Brian told me that Mourad was submitted for the Medal of Achievement for spotting and destroying the enemy, but the person who was responsible for giving this medal to Mourad was in the same helicopter...

To the President:

In this age of technology (computers, network...) it will be hard to hide the truth about this war.
War is a dirty business; war is hell on earth. But it is men on earth that start wars.

Shame on you Mr. President... No, damn you Mr. President for starting this war the way you did.
You have diluted the word Patriotism. How can one be a Patriot in illegal and unjust war?
You said that you’ve consulted with your Higher Power about the decision to go to war. If your higher power was so all knowing, why there were no WMD found in Iraq?
If the people that provided you with this critical misinformation were held accountable with the lives of their own children, would we still have gone to war? Or would they have possibly dug dipper for the real truth: that there never were Weapons of Mass Destruction.
And now what?
Hopefully you’ll find the courage to admit to yourself, your country and to your higher power the fatal flow in your decision process of going to war. And if not... I guess the only way out for you from this situation is to start another war... what the heck, consult your higher power, pick the country and CIA will help you out to come up with more solid reasons this time!!!

To my People:

Have we fallen under a spell of hypnosis? Fear, backed by a government-controlled media can certainly induce this condition. Believe me, I know this first hand, being from the former Soviet Union.
I am not afraid any more! Not afraid to live and not afraid to die.
Wake up America. Are we not rabbits staring down the throat of a python? Open your hearts and minds but not to the TV box.
Don’t you agree that we are addicted to TV!? We may not even realize how much TV is controlling our minds!

America is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!
As long as we are brave enough to acknowledge our mistakes and correct them ASAP to minimize the damage to our country and people around the world with this war, we will stay free. I still love this country. My son died defending this country!

Mourad saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" before starting his boot camp. He hated politicians, he hated Bush.
Even though this documentary is "one sided", I admire Michael Moore for his courage to be able to bring this truth to our faces. Looks like we don’t want to see the truth, looks like we don’t give a "flying fuck" what people around the world think of us!
Hmmm... Maybe I should do the same thing? Put my conscience to sleep watch TV and support Bush... How convenient!
Well, I don’t think Mourad will let me do that.

Dina (LA & Eugene, OR) - 02/12/05 19:47
Mouradik you are always on my mind, I go through the day thinking of you remembering times that I have not thought of for months. It seems that when I do things that I enjoy or experience something new it is now not just for me but for you too. We all now live a dual life, one for us and one for you. I can feel your spirit there when I get swallowed by depression, and you are disappointed. I can here your voice telling me that I should not be so negative and pessimistic, you remind me of all those crazy conversations you and I had, about life, death and our never ending consciousness. I know what you think, were all those conversations for nothing? did I forget everything we talked about, No.

I can feel your spirit there, excited and more aware of the world than you ever have before. Wanting to tell me about what you know now, teach me as I once talked to you about my experiences. When I get really low, your love shines next to me. When I close my eyes to cry, I only see you smiling and understanding, knowing that when I come to terms with it all we will have a new relationship, one that is challenging but above that is supreme.

Mourad, you are a very special person to me, and it is hard letting you go, but I know that all great things come to an end, and the most beautiful ones do not last as long as we want them to. I love you, and realize that being selfish about my pain is not fair to you, to me, or to what we shared in our lives together.
Peace and Love my friend.
never forget me - 02/12/05 12:38
I don't know why I feel this way inside... why this is supposed to be so hard... but I know I'll see you again one day. I love u don't forget me please
Carl Lind (San Diego, CA) - 02/11/05 11:45
Dear Rufat,
Speaking as one father to another, my words cannot express my deepest sorrow and sympathy for such a loss as a son. I truly grieve with you and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and with Mourad. Knowing you only from work I never had the opportunity to meet your beautiful family. It is evident from your photos that there was much love, compassion, tenderness, and admiration in each of your lives. For these qualities Mourad will be at peace, and through these qualities I pray your family will endure.
With Deepest Sorrow and Sympathy,
Your Friend,
Carl Lind
Bob Scherer (Gardena, CA) - 02/09/05 18:08
Thank you Dina for introducing me to Mourad through this beautiful website. I can see from reading all the testimony on these postings what a beautiful person Mourad was, and how Jeff and he must have related to and appreciated each other. I wish to believe they are together now, having achieved what is to be experienced and learned in this life, wondrously enjoying the next, and looking forward to us joining them when our time comes. To Mourad's family, my deepest most sincere sympathy and condolences. I know of your sorrow and pain, but I hope in time the pain will ease and you will come to feel gratitude for the honor of having known, loved, and having been loved by such a beautiful person as Mourad. In deepest sympathy, Bob Scherer (Jeff's dad)
Shirin - 02/09/05 21:55
Sending you so much love Dina, Rufat and Shayla. I don't have any words that can really express my feelings. I can only send you love. Shirin
Judith L. Seid (San Diego, CA) - 02/08/05 19:49
The ceremony was most beautiful last Friday, a testament to the impact that this young man had on those around him. I learned much more of Mourad's bravery and am certain that because of it many young people will live a better life in Iraq. Mourad lives within us all now. Dina, Rufat and Shayla, here is a poem for you:

"For just a moment I'm sure I saw a flicker of light ahead. Perhaps it was your smile. Though past now, remembered, in my heart like the small sound of a butterfly passing by. No night is so dark that can not be brightened with memories of you. Raindrops carry along your blessings from heaven to wash away my tears and bring me hope anew." Brenda Penepent

Love, JUDY
Хумар, Азик (Баку) - 02/08/05 9:49
Дорогие Дина, Руфат, примите наши соболезнования. Помним вашего мальчика, скорбим вместе с вами. Терпения вам и сил. Аллах рехмет елясин.
Erik Davydov (Los Angeles, CA) - 02/07/05 20:59
Примите наши искренние соболезнования. Светлая память... Эрик Давыдов с семьей
Marina, Faina, Susan (Brooklyn, New York) - 02/07/05 19:51
Dear Ragimov family:
Every mother of Russian speaking soldiers who are in Iraq right now is mourning with you. The tragedy which happened in your family moved our hearts. For us every soldier is like our own son. Please know that our hearts are with you.

Thank You,
Marina Morgounova, Faina Solominskaya, Susan Zaslavskaya-Soloway
New York
Catherine Austin Fitts (Hickory Valley, TN 38042) - 02/07/05 19:25
My prayers are with you and your family and your son. God bless you and your family.
Fuad, Emin, Sofa, Shajin (Las Vegas/Los Angeles) - 02/07/05 15:00
Дина, Руфат, примите соболезнования от всех нас; мы узнали только два дня назад. Не знал что сказать, и до сих пор не знаю - так всё нелепо и страшно. Знаю, ничем помочь нельзя. Держитесь. Светлая память Мураду.
Фуад, Емин, Софа, Шайин Кулиевы
Bettyann Lemist (Carver, Massachusetts) - 02/07/05 5:13
Please accept my sincerest sympathies on the lost of your son. I wish to thank him, for his dedication and loyalty to the service, his fellow Americans and the People of Iraq, and his Country.
It is truly with a heavy heart that I hear of your loss, but known that my family and loved ones will continue to pray for him and you and your family.
Julia and Oleg (Woodland Hills, CA) - 02/06/05 14:35
We are extending our sympathy to you for the passing of your son. We only wish we had the gift of expression to comfort you better in this time of great sorrow. But you can be sure that you are in the thoughts and prayers of all us at this time. May God be with you and grant you a measure of peace in the memory of one who was so loved and loving.
Людмила, Иван, Леонид Шаповаловы (Коломна, Московская область) - 02/06/05 12:59
Какой красивый,светлый, умный, мужественный, благородный мальчик... Как жаль... Ничем помочь невозможно, но пусть слова поддержки будут для вас, дорогие незнакомые Динара и Руфат, маленьким добрым знаком в память о вашем любимом сыне. Вечная ему память. Держитесь. Терпения вам и здоровья. Да поможет вам Бог.
Tatiana (Mississauga, Canada) - 02/06/05 5:48
Плачу, глядя на лицо вашего мальчика. Пусть земля ему будет пухом. Примите глубочайшие соболезнования.
Olga and Konstantin Galperson (Beit Shemesh, Israel) - 02/06/05 4:12
Нет слов, чтобы описать потерю ребенка, даже когда он сильный, взрослый парень, воин. И невозможно избежать мысли, что он столько не успел в своей жизни.
Мы разделяем ваше горе и присоединяем наши молитвы. Вечная память этому прекрасному юноше.

abduxaliq (Baku) - 02/06/05 3:31
It is very pity that we lost MURAD .We became very sad. My father asked me to remember him to you. Bye

Андрей Гаазе (S-t Petersburg, Russia) - 02/06/05 0:33
As a lot of good has not had time!
Eternal memory!
Brian Duey (Grand Rapids, MI USA!!) - 02/05/05 18:08
I'm also terribly sorry to hear about this. I learned about it from Such a tragic thing to go through. He was so young. His sacrifice is helping hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq though, remember that. I'm really sorry about this.
Kerri K. (Chicago, IL) - 02/05/05 17:10
Rufat, Dina & Shayla,
I and my family are so heartbroken to hear about your loss. Our thoughts, our prayers and our blessings go out to you and Mourad. There are no words for which to properly say "I'm sorry." Mourad is now with all of you, always and all ways...

Алексей Валяев (Livingston, NJ) - 02/05/05 1:46
Разделяю вашу боль.
Илья Юфит (San Diego, CA) - 02/05/05 22:25
Примите мои искренние соболезнования. Всем сердцем разделяю Вашу боль. Светлая память Мурадику. Крепитесь...
Carol Forbes (Houston, TX) - 02/05/05 22:20
For you and your family this is such a horrible loss and I'm so sorry for what you all are going through. I don't know you but I do know Larisa, Boris and Ally and how much they wish they could be with you right now. I know how horrible it is to lose someone to the tragedies of war as my brother-in-law lost his life in the Vietnam War. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
God bless you and your family.
Ally (Houston, TX) - 02/05/05 21:00
Reading this board has become a ritual of sorts for me, it seems that I start and finish every day with reading and rereading other people’s posts.
I knew Mouradik only as a baby when we lived together in Baku. Since immigration my parents have kept in very close contact with Dinochka, Tamusya and the whole family. They visited them in California couple of times. But somehow it happened that I wasn’t with them on those trips. The little that I got to know Mouradik was first of all from Dina’s book about "little Mouradik", through pictures that my parents would bring from their trips and from Dina's stories over the phone and Tamusya when she visited us in Houston.
What I never knew and what I’m completely overwhelmed by now, is what an amazing person Mouradik was. What a different sort of appreciation and so much more sorrow I feel now after reading everything that people had to say, not just for Dinochka and the family for losing a son, a grandson and a brother, but for losing such an amazing, unique, full of integrity and a different sort of light person. I don’t know if any of us can be sure that things like that will be said about us when we go. Mouradik managed to leave such a deep impact on people in the very short 20 years that he was alive.
How sorry I am now that I was not on those trips with my family that I didn’t get to know this amazing boy.

I cry daily with you and my thoughts do not leave you for a moment throughout the day.
I’m so proud of you for finding strength in yourself to not just mourn, but to celebrate Mouradik’s life that was so tragically and unfairly cut short.

With lots of love
Shkolnik Family (San Diego, CA) - 02/04/05 20:11
Dear Friends,
There is nothing one can say to ease the pain, the loss of your son, brother, nephew, grandson, cousin, friend had an impact on tremendous amount of people.
Everyone in our family shares your pain and mourns with you. Mourad will be greatly missed by all around him, you the family, have to find the strength to live life to it’s fullest in his memory. He will always be close to you where ever you go....
Life on earth is just a small part of our existence... Death cannot kill what never dies.
With deepest sympathy and sorrow.
Elnur Babayev (Washington, DC) - 02/04/05 18:29
Дорогие Дина, Руфат!
Примите мои искренние соболезнования.
Аллах ряхмят елясин.
Elnur Babayev
Mark Shulman (Waltham, MA) - 02/04/05 9:22
Примите самые искренние соболезнования от незнакомых бостонских друзей.
Shtromberg-Chkhedize Family (Redondo Beach, CA) - 02/04/05 7:12
There are no words, no way of expressing the sorrow and pain you must be feeling right now. All we can say is that we are greatlful that we had the chance to know Mouradik. He was a wonderful and loving person and he left us with wonderful, great and warm memories. We miss him very much. Love, Volik, Marina, Davik, Alisa, Aida
Patricia Rincon-Keyes (Encinitas, CA) - 02/04/05 23:33
Dear Mourad,

I know you are traveling to an outer world. And as I was sitting here
cutting flowers and preparing for a wonderful celebration in your honor, I
was looking at your photos and needed to say hello. I don't believe that
souls disappear. I have seen you in my house saying hello all day today... I
believe that you are here and will stay with us for a while. I wanted to say
that I miss you, your smile, the one that is so brilliant and radiant and
knowing. Once you told me that you where going to go out with Shayla and
that you would not be back till very late, and I said are you going to take
care of your little sister? And you said of course I will, she is my best
friend. That statement was so beautiful, I realized what a kind and deep
human being you where at that moment (because how many brothers would do
that!). You continued to give me little moments of amazement. when I spoke to
you about NOT joining the Marines you explained so clearly what your motives
where, so that I could not argue. You have always been a seeker of truth, a
curious young man, an individual who strode into the world with your own
ideas and convictions. That is why I love you! You have always been a truth
seeking person and with that a unique person. Through you and what you have
done you have given me the courage to continue to go on and look at the
world in a more honest way – a more passionate way.

Patricia Rincon-Keyes
Travis Wade Ivy (Los Angeles, CA) - 02/04/05 22:21
Words can not convey the sadness I feel at Mourat's passing. I have never known a soul who lived his convictions with such dignity and strength. The few times I met him, I was moved by his unique humility, intelligence, and kindness. He will be greatly missed.
Kora Velikhanly (Philadelphia, PA) - 02/04/05 22:09
Примите наши глубокие Соболезнования, тысячи и тысячи людей искренне сопереживают и разделяют ваше горе!
Светлая память вашему сыну.
Аллах Рехмет Елесин!
Kora, Tamila from Philadelphia
Steve Keyes (Encinitas, CA) - 02/04/05 21:36
So there I was -- 1993, I think it was, the first year that Lika was dancing with our Jazz Unlimited Dance Company -- in the lobby of City College Saville Theatre, keeping an eye on things, seeing that no one stole in, that everything was cool. And happy. I was the velvet hammer, company manager. ... Then these Russians showed up. Said they were related to one of our dancers. Said they'd come down from San Luis Obispo. I gave two of them comps, the other two paid. Thick accents, but good-looking, with nice energies. I was working at remembering their names -- Rufat, Dinara, Mourad. (This took me a few years, I'll admit.) The son was interesting, about eight-years-old, but with an "old soul" kind of feel about him. His smile was without guile, open. His eyes had light in them. I remember that his ears were huge! Very endearing quality, this. I loved this guy right away. Mourad, Mourad -- I struggled to remember the name of this special little kid.

I didn't realize then that this special little kid would become part of my extended family. That we would grow over the years to love one another in a sort of uncle/nephew relationship. (I even hired him years later to do data input for our dance company.) We would talk of life, of values, of ego and false images ... of living in this world. I would always tell him how I loved the sweet openness of his spirit and how unique it was. Sometimes it startled him, but it always, I felt, empowered him. I truly had grown to love this man who I had watched grow from a little boy with those great ears.

Part of the sorrow of Mourad's passing, for me, is knowing that this little projection I had in the back of my mind -- that we would move through life together -- will not come to pass. I know that he's fine, wherever he is. He's feeling no pain: he's in another place, another plane, another level of existence. We all of us have others there. Nope, it's us, here, having the painful experience. ... It will come to pass -- we will integrate this fact as part of our lives, without ever forgetting our Mourad, but it WILL come to pass. And it will come to pass with each of us. As memorable as a dream we once had. Still, the love that was felt, the yearnings, the aspirings, the hopefulness, the integrity you chose, or not ... all such valuable stuff. And in the end, how you lived will be brought with you to wherever it is that we go when we leave this place. That's for sure. ... That's for sure.

Still, I'm going to miss the big heart of that kid I met so many years ago, that old soul. And those ears. Man, I loved those huge ears of his.

Wherever you are, my pal, know that you're on my mind. Definitely in my heart. Por vida, baby. Por vida.

One of your (unofficial) uncles,
Stephen Keyes
Bri Jackson (Encinitas, CA) - 02/03/05 20:52
You were more than just a brother to Shay and I have heard nothing but wonders of you and within the few times we've met you've greeted me with a smile. You're a hero to all and God has his ways and He knew you were better up with him.
Kristina Brodsky (El Cajon, CA) - 02/03/05 17:44
There is not greater pain, that that of losing a child. My heart goes out to you and if you can, I hope that you can seek some comfort in the fact that Maurad has touched so many lives in so many positive ways. We are all here to make some kind of difference and although Maurad was robbed of so many more years here, he has and still can continue to make you proud by the memories others have of him. We all grieve for your loss.
Kristina Brodsky-Steffen
Саша Шуколюков (Carmel Valley, CA) - 02/03/05 17:19
Дорогие Дина, Руфат, Шэйла и все близкие и друзья Мурадика.
Я хочу, чтобы вы знали, что в вашем горе вам сопереживают и совсем незнакомые вам люди. Из письма моего друга:

"...Какая горькая история. Какой симпатичный парень...
"Кто-то должен защищать эту страну... - От кого? - Никогда не знаешь" - сколько таких вот мальчишек говорило эти слова - во все времена и во всех странах... На таких парнях в известной степени держится мир. Стремление защищать есть нравственный императив, и это, наверное, от Бога. Я не могу постичь Его промысла, позволяющего использовать чистых людей таким образом, но - не нам судить. Мы с Аленой сочувствуем Руфату и Динаре.
Александр и Алёна, г. Троицк Московской обл."

Глубоко и искренне сопереживают вашему горю и передают слова поддержки и мои друзья Марина и Андрей из Чикаго.
Sveta & Lazik Vishneposlky (Sylvania, OH) - 02/03/05 16:35
Dear Rufat & Dina! We are so sorry about your loss. There are no words in any language to ease your pain. Rufatik, you probably even don't remember me. My balcony was right across yours & we used to play "phone" with matchstick boxes many-many years ago... I used to live at Gogolya 9 next to t.Bella, & we had a big dog(great dane). When I heard about your son, I was more than shocked. My son is a Captain of Air Force, he is a doctor at Air Force Base Hospital now...I wish to all your family as much strength as you can get. The most horrible loss in someone's life is the loss of your child. My heart goes to you and your family...
Tamara Sharif (San Diego, CA) - 02/03/05 14:54
You came and spent your days on earth, you brought smiles to all faces that you came in sight of... But there is nothing you can do when god decides he wants to be closer to you
A friend - 02/03/05 12:58
Peaceful Warrior

Bathed in his brother's blood
His brothers in his
A warrior of peace
So others could live
A sojourner of truth
What more could he give
His flesh
His spirit
Forever to be missed...

Mike Veksler (San Diego, CA) - 02/03/05 11:13
Rufat, Dina, Shayla - My deepest sorry for such loss. I have no words ;- (
It took me few days to recover from such a shock.
I can not imagine what all of you have to go though.
I know that there is nothing we can say or do to make this nightmare go away.
However, I just wanted to share my feelings with you.
I remember Murad when he was 16.
This was the time when Rufat has invited me to your house.
I remember Murad as young and adorable child.
Rufat always had good things to say about Murad.
I remember Rufat's excitement when he told me about the website that Murad has developed, and always bragged about Murad's achievements and school grades.
I felt such sympathy for Murad that I was very happy for him.
I will always remember Murad as young and brave kid how was exploring this world and excelling at everything he would try.
I am very sad
Serg (Moscow) - 02/03/05 11:05
Какое горе!
Примите мои соболезнования.
Терять детей страшно. Разделяю вашу утрату.
Пусть земля будет пухом.
Mard-Keyes Family (Westport, CT) - 02/03/05 10:43
There is a family here sending you love. Mourad left this world with the honor of making a difference. This world shall have the honor of remembering him for that. We were filled with pride to read about your son and can only hope to be the parents for our children that you were for him. Our thoughts are of you, Kate, Jeff, Emma and Sam
Roberta Brodsky (La Jolla, CA) - 02/03/05 8:40
Dina, Rufat, Shayla, Tamara Aleksandrovna, Lika, Tamarachka.
I am so sorry for this tragedy. My heart goes out to you, and to dear Mourad.
Nazim Mirzoev (shkola N 6 1977) ( France) - 02/03/05 5:05
Primite moi glubochayshie soboleznovaniya.
Ира Попова (Москва) - 02/03/05 0:51
Бог мой, Руфат, дорогой! Как ужасно, что узнала о твоём местопребывании в связи с таким трагическим событием... Я - сама мама, поэтому представляю, что сейчас чувствует твоя семья, в связи с такой невосполнимой потерей. Крепитесь... Мои самые искренние соболезнования.
Миша Бродский (Сан-Диего) - 02/03/05 23:30
Ребята, примите мои искренние соболезнования. Будьте стойкими и мужественными в постигшем Вас горе.
Непоправимо... Светлая память Мурадику.
bruuklinka (New York) - 02/03/05 23:18
Strashnaya tragediya. Primite moi samye glubokie soboleznovaniya. Pust zemlya budet pukhom vashemu mal'chiku.
Ira Giyaur.
Катя Бродская (San Diego, CA) - 02/03/05 22:28
Мы знакомы лет 15. Эти годы быстро пролетели в наших эмигрантских заботах о хлебе насущном, в тревогах о наших детях: как-то они овладеют английским, как приживутся на этой земле. Имея детей и внучку и как-то сроднившись с Вашей семьёй, я всем сердцем чувствую сейчас эту боль огромной потери...
Я помню пятилетнего Мурадика с милой застенчивой улыбкой, потом школьника, потом солдата. При встречах мы обычно обменивались приветствиями, улыбками и парой слов. Только один раз, когда ему было 16 лет, мне удалось ближе узнать его. Мурад предложил показать на моём компьютере как делать вэб-сайт. По дороге мы разговорились о жизни, и я поразилась его рассуждениям, - мудрым и чистым, - а также лёгкости общения с ним, его душевной открытости. Потом он мягко, терпеливо и со знанием дела показывал, как делать вэб-сайт, а на прощание подарил книгу об этом, сказав, что мне она теперь нужнее. Я тогда подумала, сколько труда и любви вложили папа, мама и бабушка в воспитание этого мальчика, а с другой стороны чувствовалось, что это от природы в его характере слились мужественность и немногословность Руфата с мягким, щедрым, лучистым характером Дины.
В моей памяти Мурадик навсегда останется приветливым, мягким и в тоже время мужественным, сильным мальчиком с чистой и светлой душой. Может быть есть нужда в таких душах в поднебесье? Кто знает... Боль разлуки всегда будет жить в тех, кто близко знал Мурадика.
Мы все рано или поздно соединяемся с теми, кого любим, поэтому желаю Диночке, Руфату, Шейлочке и моей любимой подруге Тамаре Александровне мужественно перенести этот удар. Мы будем помнить и в мыслях наших часто разговаривать с Мурадом, пожалуй это единственное сейчас, что может дать нам возможность перенести эту боль и продолжать жить дальше...
Dina Bedenko (San Diego, CA) - 02/03/05 21:07
When I first met Mourad, I was so touched by how refined and articulate he was, beyond his age. Something about him was so grand and subtle at the same time, that I offered to take some simple black and white photos of him. It was an amazing collaboration, because he completely transformed through the camera lens - it gave me a glimpse of such intensity that he carried in his heart. Like he couldn't wait to make a leap beyond anything imaginable... There was no doubt he was capable of extraordinary things. I cannot express the shock and devastation that I feel. If these words could be of any consolation, ya s vami, Dina, Rufat, Shayla ane everyone who loved Mourad.
Saida Hagverdieva-Fagala (Houston, TX) - 02/02/05 19:00
Дорогие Дина и Руфат, я не могу найти подходящих слов, чтобы поддержать вас в такой тяжелый момент. Я только хочу сказать, пусть земля будет ему пухом, пусть его душе будет хорошо. В жизни много нелепостей и несправедливости, у Мурада вся жизнь была впереди, я скорблю вместе с вами. Мой сын должен будет отбыть в Кувейт с конце февраля, ему скоро будет 20. Мне очень трудно выразить все, что я чувствую, но мысленно я с вами, Диночка.
Dina (Eugene, OR & Redondo Beach, CA) - 02/02/05 18:53
Reading all these kind words from so many people is a very comforting feeling, I check every hour to read more. It helps to know that we are really in this not alone, and that so many people love Mourad and care for his familily. Thank you so much.
Mila Robin (Los Angeles, CA) - 02/02/05 14:36
Dear Mouradik,
There are no words in Russian or English to describe pain and sorrow since this short, devastating message from your mom on January 26. I don't think such words exist in any human language It just hurts so badly...
You were my son's close friend since you both were little kids and I couldn't ask for a better friend for him. I always knew, that you were a very special boy - warm, kind, sensetive, bright, with great sense of humor,
with natural inborn dignity. But the most significant thing I saw in you, was your constant search for the ideal man, for the person you wanted to become. You simply refused to accept your weaknesses or what you perceived as such, and was pushing yourself over the limits all the time, never satisfied with yourself.
Once long time ago we went to Magic Mountain and somehow I agreed to take a crazy ride with you and Misha, my son. When I realized what I'm up to, it was too late to back out. You saw, that I was scared to death and told me quietly, so no other would hear: "Mila, when it starts, close your eyes and keep them closed, so it won't be so scary". "How do you know?" I asked and you said: "I do it sometimes, but please keep it a secret".
All your life you've been challenging yourself to keep your eyes opened. To me that's what true heroism is all about.
To all of us you will forever remain 20 year old boy/young man with beautiful smile and courageous, giving heart. We were blessed and privileged to have you in our lives.
I will be missing you, I already do...
David & Lisa (Los Angeles, CA) - 02/02/05 14:31
There aren't enough tears to express the sadness in our hearts. I can't even imagine what it feels like to loose a Child. Mouradik will always be with us and nothing can change that!!!!

David & Lisa
Антоновы (Mukilteo, WA) - 02/02/05 13:21
Руфат и Дина, что-то неправильное происходит в мире...
Царствие небесное нашему Мурадику.
Алексей, Таня, Глеб, Фёдор.
Mishelle Moross (Los Angeles, CA) - 02/02/05 12:36
When I think of Mouradik, I see brilliance, warmth and charm. I cannot comprehend that this beautiful person is not with us anymore. I am so sorry Dinochka, Rufat, ee Shaylachka.

Mourad, I wish you peace, we are all very proud of you and love you very much.

-Mishelle, Lena, Alyosha
Be Proud Foundation (Brooklyn, NY ) - 02/02/05 12:13
Dear Ragimov Family,

On behalf of all of us at the Be Proud Foundation (BPF) and Russian-American Servicemen Armed Forces (RAS), we wish to express our deepest sympathy to you upon the death of your son, Lance Cpl. Mourad Ragimov. We never had the opportunity to meet Lance Cpl. Ragimov, but we will be forever grateful to him for his courage and bravery. He will always be in our hearts.

We extend our condolences to you and your family. We hope that time and memories will help lessen the burden of your sorrow, and that you may draw some measure of comfort knowing that others care and share in your loss.

Should there be anything we, as friends, can do to alleviate your grief and pain, please call at any time (718) 788-7773.

Sincerely yours,

Raisa Chernina
President, BPF

Sgt. Alex Presman
President, RAS
B Kennedy (San Diego, CA) - 02/02/05 10:30
We extend our condolences to your family. The Ragimov family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Kevin and Bev Kennedy
M Temin (Boston, MA) - 02/02/05 9:37
We are so sorry. Such a loss. Our deepest condolence to Ragimov family.
Michail, Marina Temin
Julie Naputi, R.D.A. (Chula Vista, CA) - 02/02/05 9:37
To the Ragimov Family,
I don't know if you remember me or not, but I am the registered dental assistant who worked on Mourad's braces. I put them on him, and remembered taking them off. He had such a beautiful smile. No words can express the loss that we all feel here at the office of Dr. Robert Sunstein!! I can say though however, he was such a great person with a great personality. When he would come and sit in my chair we would discuss things such as his schooling, and his life in general. I would always try to boost his confidence and tell him not to worry and things would get better. As the years went by I saw him blossoming into this bright young man. You should all be very proud of him. When I heard the news I was just in total shock. Just always remember all the great times you were able to share with him. I want to give you all my condolences and just wanted to say he's a great, great guy!! I will miss him so much. Take care and he will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Julie
Inna, Vadik Markaryan (Los Angeles, CA) - 02/02/05 9:32
Dear friends,
We extend to you our deepest sympathy. Know that we are among those who share your grief. We have had a privilege of knowing Mourad and will always remember him with love and admiration.
Кямаля М. (Gothenburg, Sweden) - 02/02/05 3:19
Глубокие Соболезнования!
Я мать, у меня два сына, маленькие еще, но как страшно подумать о будущем, надеешься что беда обойдет их стороной! Больно, они родились на свет чтоб жить и радоваться жизни, учиться, пытаться и мы планируем их жизнь, будущее, внуков. У нас получается, они добиваются и мы гордимся, но вот ЧТО МЫ И НЕ ОЖИДАЛИ.... Боже какое горе!!! Мурад будет жить в сердцах !!! Аллах Рехмет Елесин!
Александр Половец (Los Angeles, CA) - 02/02/05 0:01
Дина, Руфат, дорогие, - скорблю вместе с вами, друзья мои.
Yelena Markaryan (Woodland Hills, CA) - 02/02/05 23:04
"Those whom we have loved never really leave us. They live on forever in our hearts and cast their radiant light onto our every shadow." Mourad, you were someone I could always turn to for help. you gave great advice and were always capable of putting a smile on anyone's face. You were such a handsome individual with a kind heart and a strong personality. Nobody I can think of better defines the word ‘hero’. You inspired all of us in so many ways. But underneath the rough and ruggid exterior was a soft heart, a poet, someone who loved music and conversation. Hellen Keller used to say: "Some of the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart," and you will always be in my heart. Not a day goes by without you in my thoughts, buddy.
-your snowflake.
Александр Шенкер (New York) - 02/02/05 21:23
Позвольте разделить Вашу скорбь.
Misha Robin (Los Angeles, CA) - 02/01/05 19:47
Mourad was my first true friend. When I look back at all the happy memories I had growing up, Mourad was in so many of them. When I think about Mourad, I do not think of a man with a serious face and a marine suit on, I think of a kid that is smiling, who was always able to make us smile, who was so easy to talk to, and who was a real friend. Realizing that I will not be able to add new memories of Mourad, hurts so much. Mourad will always be a part of my life and all of our lives. My love and prayers go out to Rufat, Dina, Shayla, Lika, Tammy, Tamara, Sona and Kamal. I hope you all find the strength to cope with this horrible loss.
Rashad (Santa Monica, CA) - 02/01/05 18:01
I was shocked when I heard the news. I know I wasn't close with Mourad but we were talking to each other here adn there and the last time I talked to him I was so happy he was well and all. I am glad I got the chance to talk to him. I am goin' to miss him and I regret that I didn't get to know him better. I am sorry Dinara, Rufat, Shayla. :'(
Christina Mathis (San Diego, CA) - 02/01/05 14:39
Mourad was a peson I knew only from mutual friends and although I didn't know him very well personally I can honestly say that he was a kind-hearted and very cordial individual. When I heard of our terrible loss, I was devastated at how such a kind person could be so honorable and respectful enough of our country to risk his life in war. Mourads courage and devotion overwhelms me and his family is in my prayers. To Mourads family, your son was very kind and I'm so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how you feel... Be strong.
Svetlana Epstein (Dallas, TX) - 02/01/05 12:10
Мы не знакомы. Мы все родом из Баку.
Как мать двух сыновей я не могу найти слов, чтобы облегчить вашу боль.
Слов нет ... Одна боль ...
Я плачу и скорблю вместе с вами.
Будьте мужественны, крепитесь.
Светлая память вашему сыну.
Самые глубокие соболезнования.
Mehman Guliyev (Baku) - 02/01/05 12:00
Примите мои искренние соболезнования.
Аллах ряхмят елясин.
Natalie Goodwin (Del Mar, CA) - 02/01/05 11:13
Nothing I can say will even begin to describe what a wonderful person Mourad was. I still cant come to terms with what has happened. He was such a special person and I'm so glad I knew him. Mourad was the type of person you could talk to about anything and he always listened and cared. Even when he was overseas taking care of something so big... he would still want to know how I was doing in school and he wanted to hear all about my new friends at college. He said hearing about good things back here made him feel good about where he was. He just cared so much about everyone. Last time I spoke to him, he told me to take care of his family if something were to happen to him. I told him he wouldnt need me to because he'd be back soon. And now I just cant believe he's gone. To his family... I cant even imagine what this must be like for you. He cared so much about you. He was so proud of his family and he just adored Shayla so much. I will always cherish every memory I had with him and will miss him forever. He's the bravest person I know. What a loss. Mourad... you were an amazing friend and I love you... we'll always have the sweet dreams buddy!!!
Eddie Keyes (San Diego, CA) - 02/01/05 10:32
Mourad, dear brother, your smile shines brightly in my heart, your eyes beam out wisdom and understanding in our world, and your life energy is forever now a part of mine. Thank you my friend for coming into this life and spending your time here in such an honorable, loving, respectful, helpful manner. Some of us in this life live many many years, and many never gain the appreciation of the wonder and depth of life as you have. Your example helping others as part of your life's purpose will forever ring true and loudly, assisting us in a dark moment to smile and remember your sacrifice and the broadness of your life. Your convictions about your life's actions are incredibly inspiring, and I honor you all ways. Thank you so much dear little brother - I weep for my own loss of your company and smile, but I intend that we meet again, and cherish together the luscious eternal love that is this life. Thanks for helping so many others while you were here in this world. Namaste, pal - peace. Eddie.
Michael Eliovich (Ashdod, Israel) - 02/01/05 10:27
Руфат, дорогой! Прими наши искенние соболезнования!
НЕсправедливо, горько и обидно, когда гибнут наши дети, где бы и когда бы это небыло.
Разделяем ваше горе, светлая память ушедшему....
Семья Эльович.
Murad Ragimov (Baku) - 02/01/05 5:05
Dear Relatives,
We want to express our deepest condolences with Mourad’s death. We understand that you are having a hard time now any words will not soften such a grief. But He will remain in our hearts for ever.
We want you to know you are not alone who suffer this tragedy. It’s a big loss for all of us. And despite of distance that is between us we are with you in your thoughts.
With greatest sympathy
Ragimovs Family
Dan Hare (Encinitas, CA) - 02/01/05 0:22
Words are impossible to express the sadness I feel in my tears at the loss of Mourad. I remember him as a bright, postive, capable young man. He served with honor, and his memory can only be carried forward with honor by those who knew him to live with the courage he showed in life. Mourad is the ultimate hero.
Nazim (Баку) - 02/01/05 22:50
Примите мои искренние соболезнования.
Смерть человека всегда противоестественна, и вдвойне когда смерть забирает таких молодых, как Мурад.
Ваше горе разделяют тысячи и тысячи граждан Азербайджана.
Lika-Mama (San Diego Suburbia) - 02/01/05 22:39
My dearest Mourad. I just miss you terribly with all my heart and soul. You will always be in my heart and my memories. I will carry myself through with your memories. You were the best nephew one can wish for, thank you for bringing light, love and laughter into my life and for touching all of us so deeply. Like I always told you in my letters, I was so incredibly proud of how brave you were... You are my true and only hero forever and you will always be with me. Yours forever, Lika-mama
Larisa, Boris and Family (Houston, TX) - 02/01/05 21:50
Our dearest Dinochka, Rufat, Shayla, Tamusya, Lika, Tammy, Sonya, Kamal and everybody who are gathered together in Mourad's home in San Diego now.
It is still impossible to comprehend what hit all of you and all of us, and so many people around the world with this unspeakable loss. His truly amazing world is gone so incredibly early in his life. And most amazing is that even so early in life his views and believes, his sense of Destiny made him a real Man. We all know that Muradik, rather Mourad now, so courageous and grown up during last two years, is and will always be with us. We are absolutely sure that he will live not only in the memory of everybody who knew him, but will get another powerful life in deeds and creations of his Mother, Father and Sister. Dinochka, you and your whole family were and remain an inspiration for everybody who has had a privilege to know you. Muradik was your first creation and the first one who made you really FEEL things, YOUR inspiration to start writing and make this world a kinder and a more wonderful of a place. He is so much more so now, together you and your son will be able to convert the impossible anger and anguish into something positive, making the world at least a little bit wiser and fair. Wishing you a lot of Courage, Love and Faith today and for many days and years ahead. Missing you badly, we love you, we are mourning with you and hope for the Light coming back into your life
Jean and David Karlinsky (Westlake Village, CA) - 02/01/05 21:22
Such a handsome boy, such a beautiful soul - words cannot even begin to describe what one feels about a loss of this preciuos life. We only hope that at some point you will allow light to come back into your hearts, for now we weep with you.
Emil Sanamyan (Washington, DC) - 01/31/05 16:14
Dear Dinara and Rufat,
No words seem appropriate in such circumstances, when children go before their parents and at such tender age.
Hearing of your son’s death on the radio this morning – it was read out with typical mispronunciation – brought back memories of how I first heard of my close friend’s death in a freak accident over local news, more than three years ago now.
Reading of Murad in the San Diego media also brought back personal reflections on difficulties of fitting in the foreign society. I am too originally from Baku.
I wish you strength for memory of your son to live on. Perhaps the fact that his death came amid grand events of historical proportions, no matter if you consider them to be right or wrong, can serve as some sort of comfort that this tragedy was not completely in vain.
Emil Sanamyan
Boris (New Jersey) - 01/31/05 13:44
Примите соболезнования от всех бакинцев!!!
Gena, Ira, David, Anton (Las Vegas, NV) - 01/31/05 6:05
These days we are sitting shoulder to shoulder and staring blankly at his photograph in a state of visceral shock. What a horrible tragedy.We will always miss him. We already do.
Alesha, Anya & Sonya (Irvine, CA) - 01/31/05 0:34
Mourning with you... Our deepest condolences and sympathy to Ragimovs in what must surely be horrible and trying times.
Simone (Palos Verdes, CA) - 01/30/05 19:15
I never had the pleasure of meeting Mourad; he was my friend Dina's good friend and that's enough for me to know he was a great human being and will be missed by all that did know him. I was shocked when I got the news and very angry. Angry because I can't understand war and even more angry because a person so young has to die for, what seems to be, such wrong reasons. I hope he has the chance of having a better and longer life next time around. His family and loved ones will be in my prayers tonight. Goodbye Mourad.
Sue (San Diego, CA) - 01/30/05 19:13
Mourad will be greatly missed. His family is truly one of love and inclusion. No one is ever a stranger or left out. Mourad represents what is truly good in today's youth. My deepest sympathy and love goes out to the Ragimov and Sharif families. I love you all.
Vova, Sveta, Paulina, Dina, and Irina (Redondo Beach, CA) - 01/30/05 18:52
Our family would like to express our deepest feeling to Mourad's family. We all loved and were very proud of this wonderful boy who made so many people smile when he was around.
We will always remember Mourad and everything that he was. From the bottom of our hearts we extend our love to Dina, Rufat, Shayla, Tamara, Sona, Kamal, Lika, and Tammy.
Dina (Eugene, OR) - 01/30/05 17:40
Mouradik has a place in my heart from the day he was born and we were just babies who shared the beauty of childhood together, to the day I am an old woman, and every single day in between. I can not begin to comprehend this loss, the shock is monumental and intense. All I know is that this is very hard to understand...WHY this happened...and what for.
Mourad was one of the bravest human beings I have known, and he would want everyone who is having a difficult time with his passing to try and grasp that in death it is those who are left behind that hurt.
I love Mourad soooooo much and will cherish our lives together, and thank god everyday that I knew him and loved him, and he knew me and loved me and nothing can ever take that from me.
Tamara Sharif (Carmel Valley, CA) - 01/30/05 14:05
Thank you Vova,
This website is so beautiful. I know Mourad would love it.
I still don't know what to think cuz' it hasn't sunk yet. It's such a shock but i know he's still runnin' around the house.
Eugene (Volodya's friend) (Minneapolis, MN) - 01/30/05 13:39
Rufat, Dina, Shayla, it's a huge sorrow for your family. Please stay strong.
Mourad had to go, that's why he is not on this side of life anymore, and on a different plain of existence now. The strong karmic connection which led for you all to be a loving family in this life, will bring you together many times in the future lives. You will meet with Mourad always since he loved you so much that chose for his loving parents in this life. My words and convictions are based on 10 years of meditating and studying buddhist teachings, and not the claim that I know the only truth. It just the best I got. Love you and send my best wishes and strengths.
Eugene (651-271-7055).
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